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How to Write a Professional SMS Copy in 9 Steps

How to Write a Professional SMS Copy in 9 Steps

  1. Nail your tone

  2. Make an Introduction

  3. Capture Attention with Personalization

  4. Craft Multiple SMS Drafts for Perfection

  5. Prompt Action with CTA

  6. Review the Fine Print

  7. Add Opt-out Information

  8. Ensure Flawless Delivery with Testing

  9. Launch Time

These are 9 steps to write a professional SMS copy. Let’s dive into the details of each step!

Step 1: Nail your tone

Choosing the right tone for your business texts is crucial – be it formal, serious, friendly, or even humorous. Here's a tip: opt for the one that feels most natural to you. Industry matters too; a law firm might find a serious tone fitting, while retailers can infuse a friendly vibe to connect with customers seamlessly. It's about finding the sweet spot that resonates with both you and your audience. 

Step 2: Make an Introduction

Since people may not have your business or organization saved as a contact, it's essential to introduce yourself in every message. This helps recipients distinguish between spam, fraud, and legitimate marketing messages they've opted into before.

Example Introductions:

  • Hey, it's Pony Express! Exciting news…

  • Remember us? Pony Express here with a quick reminder…

  • ….Flash this coupon at the desk – Pony Express HQ.

Making that initial connection sets the stage for a positive and recognizable interaction. 

Step 3: Capture Attention with Personalization

To stand out, address your recipients directly at times. Whether it's using their name or injecting some creativity, this adds a personal touch. For instance, if you're sending out Christmas gift ideas, call out to last-minute shoppers. If it's a Hanukkah campaign, begin with a warm "Chag Smeach!" to resonate with the Jewish community. Tailoring your approach makes your messages more engaging and relevant.

Step 4: Craft Multiple SMS Drafts for Perfection

The secret lies not just in what you say but in how you say it. Even the simplest message can shine when articulated thoughtfully. Take a moment to experiment – create a couple of SMS copy drafts, refine them, and iterate. Add or extract elements to enhance the impact. If time is tight, make time for the next iteration. Perfecting your message pays off in the long run.

Step 5: Prompt Action with a Clear Call-to-Action

Research indicates that incorporating a call-to-action (CTA) can boost conversions by up to 121%.* Leverage the power of a CTA to guide your recipients on what steps to take after reading your message. Whether it's visiting your store, shopping online, using a coupon, or engaging on social media, spell it out. Even if it seems obvious, clarity is key. Simplify your message to maximize conversions effortlessly.

Step 6: Review the Fine Print

Once your message body is set, take a moment to ensure you've covered all the critical details – links, locations, due dates, MMS images, and more. Double-check for any missing elements and seamlessly integrate them. Precision in the details ensures your message is not just compelling but also comprehensive.

Step 7: Add opt-out information to the end

As the most crucial detail, we've dedicated a special section for opt-out information, and you should, too. Aligning with legal regulations and enhancing user experience, clearly communicate to recipients how they can opt out of your messages.

Explore these resources for further insights on SMS opt-ins and opt-outs:

Step 8: Ensure Flawless Delivery with Testing

Before hitting send to the masses, send your message to yourself first. Take a peek to ensure everything – content, MMS images, links, you name it – looks just right. 

Step 9: Launch Time! 🚀

If everything checks out, it's showtime! Go ahead and send that message or schedule it for later. Remember, sending between 9 am and 9 pm is ideal to respect recipients' personal time. 

For more insights, check out our guide on the best times to send SMS

This SMS marketing guide explains how to write a professional SMS copy in 9 steps. We hope these tips will help you to create a compelling mass text message campaign.

If you need more messaging tips, you can check our SMS marketing guides. If you need a business texting service, you can sign up and explore our mass messaging service for free.

Happy Texting 🌻

The Pony Express HQ Team

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