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Is text marketing cost-effective?

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Short answer: Yes! Text marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing methods. Especially for small businesses that have a limited budget for marketing, mass text messaging is a golden opportunity.

Read on for an in-depth answer. :)

Is text marketing cost-effective?
Is text marketing cost-effective?

According to Pew Research, 97% of US adults own a cellphone, but only 85% own a smartphone. Over 90% of internet users utilize their phones to surf the internet.

While utilizing ads targeting smartphone users is a brilliant move, you’ll miss out on a sizeable market that can’t go online using their phones. Luckily, there’s a solution that can reach dumbphone AND smartphone users—bulk SMS.

SMS marketing is a powerful marketing strategy boasting a 98% open rate. And the crazy bit is that 91% of customers have a positive attitude toward organizations using text messaging! So, here’s why you can’t live without mass text messaging.

What is text marketing?

Text marketing is a direct marketing tactic that uses mass text messaging to deliver promotional messages to a target audience. It should be your go-to solution to get promotional messaging to a large group of people.

Why? Because 79% of retailers either raised profits or enhanced their customers’ experience when they used SMS marketing. Invest in a text marketing platform from a business texting services provider for better results.

Why mass text messaging is necessary? Here are the 8 reasons

1. Efficient

Customers can’t miss texts as they go right to their phone, so there’s no chance they’ll get lost in a spam folder or deleted by accident—this is pretty handy as Americans look at their phones 47 times on average.

2. More personal than email

Text messaging lets you interact with customers by allowing replies to messages—no wonder 58% of customers rate SMS marketing as the best business communication tool.

3. Wide reach

About 97% of Americans used cell phones in 2021, compared to only 89.4% of internet users in 2019, which means you have better outreach using SMS marketing than online ads.

4. Improved brand loyalty

91% of customers approve of SMS messages sent by businesses, improving loyalty to your brand.

5. Increased sales and customer retention

As stated above, 79% of marketers gained some profits or improved customers’ experience when they switched to bulk SMS. They are also brilliant for customer feedback as customers can send quick replies.

6. Fast

Texts get delivered instantly and don’t require unique downloads or apps.

7. Affordable

Sending an SMS message costs nothing compared to email marketing or digital advertising. It doesn’t require fancy graphics, expensive videos, or technical knowledge to pull it off, so small business owners and startups can utilize it effectively.

8. Versatile

Although they may seem limited, you can customize bulk SMSs to convey messages in various formats. For instance, you can link to graphics, websites, or videos.

How to get started with bulk SMS?

Apart from considering the SMS marketing pricing, here’s how to get things off the ground.

  • Determine objectives: What do you want to achieve: increased brand awareness, getting more customers, or improving customer service? Whatever your goals, write them down.

  • Pick your keywords: Choose the right ones that resonate with the target audience as those words will address what people search for when making purchasing decisions.

  • Select a reliable business texting services provider: The provider will avail an omnichannel platform where you can create, send, and track the progress of the bulk SMS marketing campaign.

  • Set up text marketing campaigns: You can create buyer personas based on demographics to determine what messaging goes to a particular target audience.

Why bulk SMSs should be your most important marketing tool?

While the Samsung’s and Amazon’s of this world spend well over $2 billion on advertising, you can level the playing field with SMS marketing. It’s relatively affordable, efficient, fast, and offers a broad reach.

That said, it doesn’t get faster, more efficient, and more affordable than Pony Express HQ’s business texting services.

Sign up to Pony Express HQ for top-notch mass text messaging.

Happy texting 💜

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