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SMS - Text Marketing for Retailers

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Using SMS - text marketing is a super effective way to drive foot traffic into the store, inspire loyalty, increase orders, and alert people to specials and promos. Ensure that customers are thinking of you, even when they’re not in the store. Learn how retailers use text message marketing to stand out among competitors.

SMS Marketing for Retailers with Pony Express

Here are just a few examples of great ways that retailers are using Pony Express HQ and text marketing to connect with customers:

  • Send out details and reminders of local events and happenings. Information is quick and easy to access via text message. ⚡︎

  • After the event, share follow-ups, and thank you notes for those who attended - make your customers feel appreciated. 🙏

  • Blast the latest promos and deals. A limited-time offer gives people a sense of urgency.

  • Highlight new products and get people excited about what’s in your store.✅

  • Handle all customer care and requests easily through the Pony Express HQ dashboard. Keep track of and respond to thousands of text messages at a time; no sweat! 📲

Build your brand and loyal customer base by keeping them engaged with the latest deals, news, and events about your stores. SMS is the easiest and fastest way to spread the world. SMS text messages have a 98% open rate, and messages are read in 3 seconds or less!

Would you like to see what SMS - text marketing can do for your business? Sign up for a free trial today, get 100 bonus text credits. 🙌

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Happy Texting! ✨

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