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What is text marketing? Its benefits for small businesses

Updated: May 19, 2023

What is text marketing? Its benefits for small businesses
What is text marketing? Its benefits for small businesses

Text marketing (SMS marketing) is a form of mobile marketing that leverages mass text messaging to reach a target audience. It's one of the best marketing tools for carving out a niche in a crowded business world.

Read on to learn more about text marketing and why you should use this effective marketing tool as part of your brand’s marketing campaign.

Why is Text Marketing Crucial for Businesses?

Text marketing is one of the fastest-growing marketing channels. The growing number of people using smartphones makes business texting services an astute investment that promises a high ROI.

Advertisement options on smartphones are expanding, not just in text but also in the shape of specific games and apps. SMS marketing is more cost-effective in terms of growth and reach than other virtual advertising forms.

SMS-focused campaigns or services can save marketing budgets a lot of money. Many businesses are losing money by assuming that text message marketing bothers customers. They prefer not to communicate via text because they believe their customers do not want to be disturbed by text messages.

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Yet, this isn't always the case. According to research, customers prefer two-way text conversations over phone calls, chatbots, and emails. Consumers don't like sales spam but embrace the more individualized customer care that texts provide.

Benefits of SMS Marketing to Small Businesses

SMS marketing can help promote your products, develop your brand, and cultivate customer loyalty. Businesses that use mass text messaging in their campaigns see a boost in revenue, customer engagement, and lead generation.

When done correctly, text marketing can help businesses:

1. Engage new customers

SMS marketing helps businesses engage and convert leads through multi-channel campaigns. Companies utilizing other traditional or digital channels can integrate text marketing by encouraging their customers to send them text messages.

These text messages could include a short code for signing up for the campaign or a response to an SMS marketing competition. Audiences can demonstrate an interest in the campaign message, while businesses can save their details for future text message marketing.

2. Increase brand loyalty with two-way communication

Businesses can use mobile marketing to send bulk messages directly to the phones of their target customers and elicit responses. This two-way communication effectively builds solid and long-lasting relationships with their customers.

3. Provide personalized communication

Text marketing lets you send tailor-made text messages to your clients, making them feel valued. The customer will more likely engage with your campaign and improve overall results for your business.

4. Notify customers of upcoming events

SMS marketing provides a great way to reach out to busy clients and send things like essential reminders. You can use it to notify customers of upcoming campaigns or appointments, so they don't miss out on your new offerings.

Make Your Mobile Marketing Campaigns More Effective

There are over 31.7 million small and medium businesses in America these days. As a business, standing out in this crowded field can be daunting. Mobile marketing can help you reach your customers wherever they are, cut a niche for your business and build brand loyalty.

Text marketing is highly efficient at cultivating existing leads, generating buzz, and triggering quick sales. Do you want to try it? Sign up to Pony Express HQ to get SMS marketing that is both effective and comfortable for your market segment.

Happy Texting 🤍

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