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Christmas marketing ideas no one tells you

Updated: Feb 22

Christmas marketing ideas no one tells you: use mass text messaging

Christmas, the most heartwarming and fancy winter holiday, is almost here. Are you feeling excited? We are! 🎊 This is the time of year when small business owners make the most of our business texting service to boost their winter holiday sales. That's why we want to share effective Christmas marketing ideas with you – after all, Christmas is all about giving. 🤍

Act like Santa when planning a Christmas marketing strategy

At its core, successful marketing is about understanding your customers’ needs. Therefore, when it comes to Christmas marketing, you need to think like Santa and ask about customers' wishes. For example, you can ponder on these questions when planning your Christmas marketing strategy:

What do my customers want from me for Christmas?

What do my customers need during Christmas?

What & how do they want to purchase?

What can I do to help benefit them

OR, if you are not in the mood to deal with asking questions and finding answers, we’ve already asked and answered them for you. Here are the answers:

Customers want to make others happy with special gifts during Christmas

Customers want to feel the Christmas spirit

Customers want to benefit from Christmas sales

Customers are already inundated with ordinary Christmas deals; they want unique and fun

In light of these answers, we prepared three effective Christmas marketing ideas for small businesses:

Let’s learn about them together!

3 Christmas marketing ideas

1. Share Christmas gift ideas with customers 🎁

Customers want to make their family and friends happy with lovely Christmas gifts. But there is one problem: They don’t always know what that special gift should be. Maybe they don’t have time to think, or maybe they overthink things. We’ve all been there before, right?

Make it easy for your customers by providing Christmas gift ideas to them directly. How? Simply follow this checklist:

  • Create various “Christmas gift idea lists” for different audience segments like women, men, teenagers, mothers, etc., based on your knowledge of your shoppers.

  • Start sharing these “Christmas gift idea lists” on your social media accounts, website, and email a month before Christmas. So people will have time to examine your Christmas gift idea lists.

  • In the last 2 weeks before Christmas, start sharing these lists via mass text messaging. Last-minute buyers will appreciate your “Xmas gift idea messages” that provide both convenience and thoughtfulness

😈 BONUS TRICK: To be more effective while sending mass text messages, you can personalize your text message. Also, make sure to improve your Christmas text marketing campaigns by always following the 7 dos and don’ts of mass text messaging.

Christmas gift idea lists - text marketing campaign examples:

“Hi Monica, need a gift idea for Christmas? Since you’ve been good, Santa is here to make your wish come true! 🎅🏻Check out our 15 Christmas gifts list: - {business name} - Txt STOP to opt out”

“Ho-ho-ho! Are you the good kid who wants to make others happy with special gifts? 🎁 Here are some unique Christmas gifts ideas Santa has prepared for you: - {business name} - Text STOP to quit”

“Five days until Christmas 🎄and still haven't found the right gift? We feel your pain, friend. But don't worry, you'll find what you're looking for in our list of best Christmas gift ideas: - {business name} - Reply STOP to unsubscribe”

💡 Need more examples? Here are Christmas text message ideas & examples.

2. Make everyone feel that it's Christmas 🎊

Customers want, need, and love to feel that Christmas spirit! 🎄🎄🎄

Feeling that warm and joyful atmosphere can motivate customers to purchase for Christmas. Because they will want to sustain the good vibes and emotions. 🤍⛄️

Here are some ideas for small business owners to spread the Christmas spirit towards the whole shopping process of customers:

  1. Decorate your shop with Christmas decorations. But don't stick to the usual Christmas decorations that every store uses. Try to find different, more unique ornaments. Because when customers enter your store, different decorations will attract their attention, maybe they will spend a long time in your store, and your store will be remembered when they return home. And your brand awareness will increase! 🪅 Bonus: Pinterest can help you to find unique Christmas decoration ideas.

  2. Decorate your digital presence with a Christmas theme, such as your website, social media accounts, email marketing visuals, MMS marketing campaigns, etc.

  3. Create a colorful “wish from Santa wall” where customers can write their wishes on sticky notes.

  4. Give small and cute Christmas gifts to your customers during payment. It’s a popular marketing method, so make your own different. For instance, you can give tiny surprise boxes.

  5. Use Christmas themed gift-wraps. Everyone does this. So, you can enhance it by using handmade and exclusive gift wraps instead of ready-made boxes.

  6. And remember to play Christmas songs in your store.

3. Gamify your Christmas deals 🎮

Every small business wants to close out the year with a big Christmas sale. That's why Christmas deals are around every corner during the holiday season. But how do customers decide where to buy?

The Christmas marketing ideas we shared above help customers in decision-making. However, there is one last and rarely used Christmas marketing strategy to attract customers more: Gamification!

Customers appreciate a little bit of fun while shopping. Including some games in the shopping process can encourage customers to visit your store and purchase. For example, you can prepare an “Opportunity Chart” where customers can win special Christmas deals & gifts. You can place this chart on your store or website.

⛄️ BONUS: If you want to be more effective, you can gamify your mass text messaging campaigns, too. Since 98% of mass text messages are opened, it’s guaranteed that your customers will see your game.

Gamification - text marketing message examples:

“Hey Rachel! Wishing you a jolly merry Christmas. To increase your joy, we have a surprise offer for you. Text back SURPRISE, and get your secret and personal Christmas offer from {business name}. -Reply STOP to opt out”

“Hey Joey, want to choose your own Christmas deal? 🎁 Text back BOGO, DISCOUNT35, or BUNDLE to get your special Christmas deal from us. Or text back SECRET and let us choose for you! - {business name}. -Reply STOP to opt out”

In this article, we shared three Christmas marketing ideas to help you boost your Christmas sales. To wrap up, you should prepare your Christmas deals in consideration of your customers' needs. Unique and fun marketing strategies can make you stand out among other shops. A wide-reaching approach using all the marketing channels at your disposal is helpful in reaching the largest number of audiences. And last but not least, integrating mass text messaging into your Christmas marketing plan is the most effective way to deliver your Christmas offers to customers.

⛄️ If you need affordable business texting services, Pony Express HQ has budget-friendly SMS marketing pricing.

🎁 Also, you can start with a free trial including 100 bonus text message credits by just signing up: sending bulk text messages free

Wish you a good spell on Christmas 🤍

The Pony Express HQ Team


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