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How can small businesses boost sales on seasonal holidays via SMS marketing?

Updated: May 18

How can small businesses boost sales on seasonal holidays via SMS marketing?

Do you want to increase sales of your small business this holiday season? Then you are in the right place!

In this article, we’ll focus on how to double sales on seasonal holidays by using the most powerful tool, SMS marketing! Here is the detailed list of titles we’ll cover:

  • What are the major winter holidays?

  • Why should small businesses use SMS marketing during the winter holiday season?

  • How to use SMS marketing to increase sales on seasonal holidays?

  • Best practices to use SMS marketing during the holiday season

  • Best SMS marketing platform to increase sales during seasonal holidays

What are the major winter holidays?

Here are the six seasonal holidays in the US to increase sales using SMS marketing:

  1. Halloween - October 31

  2. Thanksgiving - November 24

  3. Black Friday - November 25

  4. Cyber Monday - November 28

  5. Hanukkah - December 18-24

  6. Christmas - December 24-25

It’s essential to promote your business as early as possible, before the seasonal holidays. So, today’s the day to start your SMS marketing campaign. If you are unfamiliar with “SMS marketing”, we have a complete SMS marketing guide for you: SMS marketing 101- tips and best practices.

Or, if you want to delve deeper into holiday season SMS marketing tips instantly, let’s go to the next part!

Why should small businesses use SMS marketing during the holiday season?

Why should small businesses use SMS marketing during the holiday season?

Big companies or industry leaders push all of their resources available to grow their revenue on seasonal holidays. But by their nature and limited budgets, the best way for small businesses to compete is to focus directly on customer relationships. Because increased customer loyalty means increased sales, especially during the holiday season.

That’s why SMS marketing is the most engaging tool for small businesses to reach customers during the holiday season. Because the SMS marketing messages are sent directly to clients’ mobiles which are checked at least 47 times a day.

Yes, that’s true!

We are glued to our phones. Just think about it, we use our mobile phones consistently to communicate, order meals, check Instagram likes, play games, flirt, attend zoom meetings, etc. It’s not surprising that the SMS open rate is 98%.

Do you know any marketing method that guarantees 98% cost-efficiency other than text marketing? The answer is no. Text marketing is the way to go. 🚀

How to use SMS marketing to boost sales on seasonal holidays?

Two main bulk SMS types are sent to clients during seasonal holidays: promotional and emotional. What do we mean?

Promotional text marketing:

Every single brand prepares attention-grabbing offers during the holiday season like “BOGO”s, discounts, coupons, and other creative marketing methods to boost their sales.

Crafting a compelling offer is an essential part of the work, but marketing doesn't finish with just having offers. These fantastic holiday season deals should be promoted via effective marketing channels like mass text messaging.

Utilize mass text messaging and tell your customers what you have prepared for them, what your offers are, what they should not miss, and until when… People love to hear about discounts and opportunities, especially during the holiday season. Give them what they want and need.

Emotional text marketing:

People also need to feel that they are cared for by your brand. And mass text messaging is the best way to show your care for customers during the holiday season.

For instance, using bulk SMS, you can share your gratitude with your customers on Thanksgiving. Or, you can celebrate their Hanukkah or Christmas with inspirational messages. Also, you can send fun Halloween MMS messages and make them smile.

These are some ideas to create an emotional bond with your customers on seasonal holidays. You can improve them with your creativity and regarding your target audience. And you can remind your customers that behind your business, a human being is there and cares about them.

Best practices of SMS marketing to use in the holiday season

To maximize the efficiency of your text marketing campaigns, you can follow these 11 practices:

  1. Collect customer opt-ins before starting text marketing campaigns

  2. Be aware of TCPA and CTIA regulations to avoid violations

  3. Find an affordable SMS marketing platform

  4. Prepare creative text messages instead of robotic, boring, and expected ones

  5. Schedule your SMS marketing campaigns

  6. Send messages at the appropriate time (between 9 am - 9 pm)

  7. Keep your messages brief and clear

  8. Use kind & humorous language

  9. Benefit from emojis & MMS messages 🦃

  10. Personalize your text messages (especially the emotional ones)

  11. Always show customers how to opt out of SMS marketing campaigns

Also, these resources could be helpful when applying these best practices of SMS marketing:

Best SMS marketing platform to increase sales on seasonal holidays

Looking for easy-to-use business texting services? Pony Express HQ offers you the most affordable and convenient text marketing platform!

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▫️Or you can start a free trial by just signing up: Sending bulk text messages free

We hope this article is helpful for small businesses in increasing holiday season revenue.

Happy Texting 🤍

The Pony Express HQ Team




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