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Spook-tacular Halloween marketing campaign

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Best Halloween marketing campaign: text marketing

Halloween 🧙🏼… one of the most fun and engaging holidays in the US! Have you prepared your Halloween marketing strategy? Do you have something special in mind to boost your sales this Halloween? If yes, that is great! We're happy for you... but let’s be real, are your Halloween marketing ideas different from the previous year? Do they stand apart from your competitors’ Halloween marketing strategies? If your marketing ideas include one of these below, your answer is more likely to be no:

● Covering everything with Halloween decorations like your store, social media posts, website, etc.

● Halloween discounts and campaigns that match your competitors.

● Limited-time products or services for the Halloween period, like Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte.

The above Halloween marketing strategies are the most common ones used by all brands to increase sales. Of course, you can utilize them. But how will you differentiate your Halloween marketing campaigns from the pack if you just lean on the “tried and true” and add nothing more to your Halloween marketing methods? How are you going to get ahead of your competitors during this Halloween?

If you don’t want to engage in a fa-boo-lus marketing campaign this Halloween, that’s okay. You can close this tab and keep going with your happy life. But if you want to make an impact on your revenue, brand loyalty, and customer engagement – then let Pony Express HQ show you the best Halloween marketing strategy! 👻

Leverage a niche Halloween marketing strategy: SMS marketing

As we already know, every brand prepares special Halloween marketing campaigns. The point is to make your customers aware of these Halloween campaigns. Most brands still utilize analog marketing methods like in-store posters or paper advertisements… But come on, it’s the digital era now! To get the most out of Halloween, you need to digitize your marketing techniques.

You might consider sharing your offers on social media or through email marketing. These are certainly tried-and-true ways to reach customers but not the most effective ones. Do you know what is the most effective marketing method to reach customers on Halloween? Text marketing!

Halloween Messaging
Leverage a niche Halloween marketing strategy: SMS marketing

Why should brands use messaging for their Halloween marketing campaigns?

Here are 5 reasons to use text marketing on Halloween:

  1. Mass text messaging gives you the power of control over your promotions. You can deliver your Halloween offers to your customers whenever and wherever you want. But in other marketing methods like social media, you will never know if your target audience sees your post or not.

  2. Keep in mind that the SMS open rate is 98%, meaning almost all your text messages will be seen by your customers on Halloween. (Which is not possible with email or social media marketing methods 💁🏻‍♀️) 👀 Check 13 SMS marketing statistics

  3. SMS messages can be personalized, which can facilitate customers feeling special, that you are communicating with them directly. 👀 Explore why and how to send personalized text messages

  4. Mass text messaging is still a niche marketing technique that differentiates you from competitors during Halloween.

  5. Text marketing is the easiest and most affordable marketing method. You don’t need to manage various platforms. All you need to do is collect your customers' opt-ins, create plain text messages, and send them! 👀 See our SMS marketing pricing

If you lack ideas about a text marketing campaign, you can reference our SMS marketing 101 blog post. Pony Express HQ also explains how it all works in the following blog post: How to run successful text marketing campaigns.

If you are familiar with mass text messaging and business texting services, let’s move on to the best practices for Halloween messaging campaigns!

Follow these 10 rules for your Halloween - SMS marketing campaigns

The following rules will help you create a professional text marketing campaign for Halloween:

  1. Always collect opt-ins before starting Halloween SMS marketing campaigns.

  2. Make sure to introduce your brand first to avoid confusing your customers.

  3. Personalize your Halloween message to create a sense of familiarity.

  4. Use Halloween-themed language such as boo, spooky, and frightening in your messages.

  5. Include key information like the end date of the offer and how to use your promotional coupons.

  6. Respect customers' time by sending your Halloween messages between the hours of 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.

  7. Leverage the use of emojis to break up the monotony in your Halloween messages.

  8. Start sending Halloween messages to customers 1 month before Halloween, and be mindful of setting up a regular follow-up texting schedule leading up to Halloween.

  9. In addition to promotional messages, send them a meaningful Halloween message to celebrate the fun holiday.

  10. Add “Reply STOP to opt out” to all of your Halloween messages to show your customers how to opt out of your text marketing campaigns.

Know customers’ needs for a better Halloween marketing process

Crafting a highly impactful Halloween marketing campaign hinges on understanding your customers' requirements. While your insights from previous years can undoubtedly guide your approach, it's essential to recognize that we're in a digital age. This presents a chance to leverage its possibilities and propel your Halloween strategy to new heights.

For instance, you can tap into Google Ads' Keyword Planner, a complimentary tool, to uncover the trending Halloween-related searches as the holiday draws near. Armed with this valuable information, you can strategically shape your Halloween promotions for maximum impact.

To provide an example, we delved into Halloween-related search terms using Google Keyword Planner. Our findings revealed a remarkable surge – a 900% increase in searches for "Halloween costumes" over the past three months.

Halloween keywords and search terms to use in Halloween marketing campaigns

This data underscores the importance of incorporating these trends into your Halloween marketing strategy, allowing you to move beyond generic statements like, "Enjoy a 15% discount!" and instead craft messages that resonate with the thriving demand for specific products or themes. Here is a Halloween message example for this:

🎃 Get Spooky-Chic this Halloween! 🧛‍♀️ Ready to turn heads? Discover the hottest 'Halloween Costumes' trends with us! From fang-tastic vampires to enchanting witches, find your perfect look at [Your Store]. Use code SPOOKY15 for 15% off. Don't just wear a costume, embody the magic! 🌟

As you can see from the image and message above, every single industry can benefit from utilizing keywords to improve their Halloween messages and marketing strategy.

If you need inspiration for creating your first Halloween messages, you benefit from our Halloween message examples below.

Promotional Halloween Messages
Trick or treat yourself! 🎃 Spooky deals await at [Retailer Name]! Visit us today for fang-tastic savings! 👻 
Shop 'til you drop! Our Halloween sale is on! Grab your broomstick and fly on over to [Retailer Name] for boo-tiful discounts! 🧙‍♀️🛍️
Blooms that go bump in the night! 🌸👻 Order bewitching bouquets from [Flower Shop Name] for a hauntingly beautiful Halloween!
No tricks, just treats! 🍭🎃 Send Halloween flowers from [Florist Name] to make someone's day a little spookier and a lot brighter!
Sink your teeth into our spook-tacular Halloween menu! Dine with us at [Your Restaurant] and enjoy a thrilling meal! 🍽️ 🦇 - Reply STOP to opt out
Eat, drink, and be scary! 🍕👻 Join us for a Halloween feast at [Your Eatery] - where the food is to die for! - [Restaurant Name]
Truck or treat yourself to our mouthwatering Halloween specials! 🚚🎃 Find us at [Your Location] and satisfy your cravings! - [Food Truck Name]
Nail the perfect Halloween look! 🦇🎨 Book your appointment at [Nail Studio Name] for wickedly good nail art!
Be the BOO-tiful star of the night! ✨🌟 Visit [Beauty Salon Name] for a glamorous Halloween makeover.
Witch, please! 🧙‍♀️🛍️ Find the most enchanting Halloween outfits at [Boutique Name]! Spook-tacular fashion awaits! - Text STOP to opt out
Engaging Halloween Messages
Wishing all our students a fa-boo-lous Halloween! 🎒👨‍🎓🧙‍♀️ Remember, no spells in the classroom, just good study habits! - [School Name]
Get ready to have a howling good time at our Halloween bash! Join us at [School Name] for games, costumes, and spooky fun! 🎃👻
Calling all Halloween enthusiasts! 📣🎃 Join us at [Social Club Name] for a spine-tingling costume party. Let's make memories to last a lifetime!
Dance like the dead at our Halloween bash! 💃🕺 Join [Social Club Name] for a night of music, fun, and spooky surprises!

👻 ⚡️ Bonus: Looking for more Halloween message ideas to spark your creativity? Look no further! Explore these 29 Halloween messages.

How about a little bit of fun in Halloween marketing?

We've explored the fundamentals of Halloween messaging and strategies for understanding customer needs thus far. But how about adding a touch of enjoyment to the mix? Introduce the concept of Halloween MMS messages! 💀

Always remember your goal is to create a desire among customers to receive your messages. By infusing your communication with a blend of lightheartedness, entertainment, and valuable information, you can foster deeper engagement and draw customers to embrace your offerings. So, where do you begin? Crafting MMS messages is a breeze with our array of Halloween MMS templates at your disposal.

👻 ⚡️ Bonus: Explore 10 Halloween MMS message examples.

In a nutshell

Mass text messaging makes all the difference to your Halloween marketing strategy. Pony Express HQ offers the most straightforward interface if you are looking for the best text marketing platform. You can join today and start with 100 bonus text message credits.

Remember to trick or treat yo’ self with a successful Halloween text marketing campaign.

Spooky texting 🎃

The Pony Express HQ Team

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