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How to transform your Black Friday deals into a sustainable business strategy with text marketing?

Updated: Feb 9

How to transform your Black Friday deals into a sustainable business strategy with text marketing?

Whether customers prefer to shop in-store or online on Black Friday, smartphones are utilized by all in order to spot and compare deals, make purchases, or simply find the location of retail businesses. Smartphones alone provided 43 percent of online Black Friday sales in 2021, setting a new record for Black Friday.

What does it all mean?

This means you should drive mobile engagement, and there is no direct, intimate, and faster way than text marketing to do it. You should leverage the power of text marketing to reach your customers and to make certain that your best Black Friday deals are being communicated to your audience.

As a business owner, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to boost your sales and grow your customer base. We also know that with increased competition, it’s all the more important to step up your game: offer your best Black Friday deals, provide longer shopping hours, deliver faster services, and so much more. On top of that, you need to be mindful of current trends as consumers increasingly opt for ethical shopping and care more about sustainability in every aspect of their consumption.

All of this can be overwhelming, but the good news is that SMS text marketing can not only help you kick off your Black Friday campaign with a sustainable touch – but also make the process a lot easier in engaging with your customers! By considering our 3 recommended practices, customers can see evidence that you are also a caring and responsible business. And thanks to utilizing a smart text marketing campaign, you can have a successful Black Friday sale, happy customers, and grow a loyal customer base literally at your fingertips!✌️

3 Practices to create a sustainable Black Friday experience for your customers via text marketing:

1. Giving back

These days, more and more consumers want to know more about their purchases' social and environmental impact. So maintaining a sustainable business practice appeals to your customers' sensibility.

You can pick a cause to support or partner with a non-profit organization and let your customers know you will donate some of your Black Friday sales to a project that aligns with your brand’s values. You can increase your sales and maximize your charitable giving even more if you keep your customer profile top-of-mind when deciding where to donate.

For example, if you have a clothing boutique, a text message like this to your customers sure makes their day:

“Now is the perfect time to buy that dress 👗you’ve been eyeing. Why? Because this Black Friday, looking good and doing good are not mutually exclusive. We will donate 30% of all our Black Friday sales to {charityname}. Drop by or shop online: #websitelink. {businessname}. Reply STOP to opt out.”

You can even spice up your text messages with bite-size educational information about your cause and connect it with your business:

“Dear {firstname}, did you know that most children in underserved communities don’t have access to the books they need? Help us change that. This Black Friday, for every 2 books purchased, 1 book will be donated to children in need. Your friendly neighborhood bookstore: {businessname}. Reply STOP to opt out.”

After all, if you’re a small business, you need your community to keep your business alive and growing. And regardless of the size of your business, you can always embrace the true spirit of the holiday season by giving back to your community or a great cause.

2. Selling with intention

Drive Black Friday sales with text marketing

It may sound counterintuitive, but you should encourage your customers to make responsible shopping decisions. Why? Because it is a great way to show that you do business differently. And how do you start? You can do so by giving your customers a discount for the whole month of November rather than just for the one day of Black Friday. Don’t forget to create a personalized text message and let text marketing work its magic 🪄:

“Hey {firstname}, what’s the rush? You can ‘slow shop’ with us for up to 40% off all items throughout November with the code SlowFriday2022 ✨. {businessname}. Reply STOP to opt out.”

When customers can browse through your online or physical store without getting rushed into buying, they’re more likely to focus on their experience and enjoy the process. Think about elevating their experience from their first contact with your products through after-sale services. If you want to build long-term relationships and keep them coming back for more, being intentional with your practices is your recipe for success.

You can even take it up a notch and add eco-friendly or socially responsible items to your store. It demonstrates your commitment to making your business more sustainable. Customers appreciate a purpose-driven business that stands apart from the crowd. Be sure to let them know about it in your text message:

“Introducing, ‘🥁 please’...{new product}, and it’ll be available on Black Friday! We’re giving 25% off any orders that include {new product}. Visit in-store or online: #websitelink. {businessname}. Reply STOP to opt out.”

3. Delivering with sustainability in mind

Have you ever thought about offering sustainable delivery options to your customers? There are so many ways to do it, but to name a few:

  • Reducing packaging

  • Switching to recyclable options

  • Partnering with sustainable shipping programs

For small businesses, the challenge is to keep up with larger retailers without increasing their costs. But in reality, by adopting more sustainable ways, you can save on costs and create a win-win situation for both your customers and business.

Reducing your packaging size is the easiest way to get started with a sustainable delivery strategy. Using less packaging and smaller boxes is not only eco-friendly but also cost-effective. Also, think about the waste you are reducing!

You can put the cherry on top of the cake by switching to recyclable packaging. It is even more important to do so on Black Friday and throughout the holiday season as customers have to handle the quickly piling-up packages. Keep in mind that empowering your customers with knowledge on ways to reuse and recycle their packaging is invaluable.

Customers are usually quick to notice changes, but it is worth communicating them with your customers ahead of time. It can only help your brand and business to build this engagement. For example, consider breaking the good news about your sustainable initiative to all your customers in real time via mass text messaging:

“Huge news! We now offer 100% ♻️recyclable packaging! Beginning this Black Friday, we will recycle with zero waste. 💪

For more info: #websitelink. {businessname}. Reply STOP to opt out.”

Another option is to participate in eco-friendly programs. Nowadays, major package carriers and specialized companies offer solutions from providing recycled materials and packages to optimizing your entire delivery system. If you need a little guidance, take advantage of those focusing on small businesses. And again, you should tell your customers about your green initiative in your SMS:

“Hooray! We've partnered up with {companyname} to create a better delivery experience for you. Keep an eye out for another text message from us. 👀 More details coming soon! {businessname}. Reply STOP to opt out.”

The bottom line

Black Friday is around the corner, and it is time to take steps to give your text campaign a sustainable shot! You can apply our 3 sustainable practices to your business and utilize text marketing to share your green deals and knowledge with your customers.

You can adjust your sustainability strategy as you go. Keep it action-oriented. Keep it current. Text marketing should be your go-to tool when you need reliable and instant communication. With text marketing, you communicate with your customers about improvements you’re driving in real time and the most personalized way.

And may we let you in on a little secret? 🤫You don’t have to overpay for your text messages! Instead, sign up for the Pony Express HQ platform to get the most competitive text marketing rates.

We focused on sustainable strategies businesses can adopt this coming Black Friday. But we surely cannot forget about nonprofits! If you’re running a non-profit organization, Pony Express HQ is also here to help your cause with its nonprofit promo!

💡Feel like you need more ideas for your Black Friday SMS marketing campaign:

Cheers to your sustainable Black Friday campaign! 🎉

The Pony Express HQ Team 💚

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