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Uncharted way to increase gym member loyalty: Text marketing

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Uncharted way to increase gym member loyalty: Text marketing
Uncharted way to increase gym member loyalty: Text marketing

Gym and fitness center owners always ask themselves, “How can I encourage my gym membership?” The answer is simple: by staying in touch with them. Don't let your members forget the gym/fitness center; remind them of yourself. This does not mean only reminding them of gym/fitness club programs; you should also create an emotional bond with them.

In this article, we’ll go through the uncharted way to increase fitness center or gym member loyalty: Text marketing! ✨

7 ways to increase fitness center or gym member loyalty with text marketing 💬

There are various ways to increase member loyalty to your gym/fitness center. However, the most cost-effective way to encourage members is text marketing. Compared to other gym marketing options, text marketing is much more effortless. Text marketing allows fitness studio/gym owners to connect with their members whenever necessary with a simple text message. Gym managers only need to collect SMS opt-in, create text messages and send them to their members. On top of that, it is guaranteed that your members see your text marketing messages because the SMS open rate is 98%.

If you still have questions about the cost-effectiveness of text marketing in your mind: Top 13 SMS marketing statistics

Now that you know, text marketing is the best tool to increase gym members’ loyalty. The 7 ways to increase fitness center or gym member loyalty with text marketing:

  1. Welcome your new fitness center/gym members

  2. Remind their fitness class/gym schedule

  3. Provide necessary information

  4. Motivate your fitness/gym members to exercise

  5. Appreciate your fitness center/gym members

  6. Tap into their feelings

  7. Ask for their opinions

Fitness centers or gym owners can use these 7 text marketing methods to increase their member loyalty:

7 marketing message examples for gyms and fitness centers

Let’s discover the details and best text marketing message examples of these methods together!🌟

1. Welcome your new fitness center/gym members

A warm welcome is always the best for the first impression. Send a welcome text message to your new fitness center/gym members. This move will initiate the emotional connection between your fitness club/gym and your members.

Welcome message examples for fitness center/gym:

"Hi Dwight, your journey has just begun with [your brand name]. Welcome! 🤍 Please don’t hesitate to ask anything on your mind."

"Hi Dwight, welcome to the [your brand name] family! 🤍 We’ll share your schedule and updates from here. Stay tuned!"

2. Remind their fitness class/gym schedule

People tend to miss their fitness classes or gym appointments due to daily hassles. Or sometimes, they can forget their schedule. At this point, text marketing messages come in as a great tool to remind gym members about their workouts. Fitness studio or gym managers can send multiple reminders to members to encourage them. For example, a reminder text message at the beginning of the week would be helpful for members to organize their week according to their workouts. Also, a second text message on the morning of the exercise day can increase motivation to go to the gym or fitness class. The important thing is making them feel like someone cares about their attendance.

Bonus Trick: Language is critical in increasing members' engagement with your gym or fitness club. So, using the member names and the words “we” or “you” instead of “your brand name” will address members' emotions more. You can see some bad and good examples below.

Reminder message examples for fitness class/gym:

Bad example:

"Power up Fitness Center: You have cardio classes on Wednesday at 3 pm and Saturday at 5 pm."

Good example:

"Dear Chandler, your weekly cardio class schedule: Wednesday at 3 pm and, Saturday at 5 pm. Your trainer Monica will be waiting for you! 💪"

3. Provide necessary information

You should inform your fitness studio/gym members about any updates, schedule changes, or class cancellations. Their time is valuable! And you should show that you value their time, too.

Text marketing is the best way to deliver last-minute updates for fitness clubs and gyms. You can immediately inform your members with mass text messaging.

Class cancellation message example for fitness center/gym:

"Hi Barney, the Pilates classes are canceled for a week due to maintenance. But there are still available spots for a yoga class. Reply YES to enroll. 🧘🏼‍♂️"

4. Motivate your fitness/gym members to exercise

An emotional bond is everything to increase fitness club/gym members’’ retention. So, you should aim for the feelings of your members. For this, you can send weekly motivational text messages to them. You can personalize the content of the message or use some motivational quotes.

Motivational text message example for fitness club/gym:

"Amy, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. 🔥 [Trainer Name]"

“-The body achieves what the mind believes.- Believe in yourself, Amy. We believe you! 💪 Power Up Fitness Studio"

5. Appreciate your fitness center/gym members

If your fitness/gym members reached their milestones or worked hard, you should appreciate them to encourage them more. Tell them that you saw their great effort via mass text messaging.

Appreciation text message examples for fitness club/gym:

"Hi Joey, you did a great job at HIIT yesterday! Keep it up! 🔥 [Trainer Name]"

"Dear Joey, you’ve earned 1 bonus pilates class for reaching milestone 3! Congratulations.🏆 🙌🏼"

6. Tap into their feelings

Okay, working out is necessary, but sometimes you should talk about other things. Use mass text messaging and celebrate your members’ special days such as birthdays, Easter, New Year, Christmas, Hanukkah, Passover, Halloween, etc. In addition to mass text messaging, MMS messages can be more appealing to celebrate special occasions.

Celebration text message example:

"Wishing you a peaceful and happy Easter, Gina! 🐰 🤍"

Want to learn how to use MMS for Holiday celebrations? Here are a few sources:

7. Ask for their opinions

Asking for reviews from members is beneficial to increase your customer relations and improve your business. If you ask members for their opinions and suggestions, it will make them feel important and appreciated. Also, if you listen to the voice of your members and improve your business at their suggestions, your fitness club/gym will achieve customer satisfaction. To do so, you can use online survey links in your mass text messaging campaigns.

Text message example to ask for opinions:

"Hi, Gabe, we’d love to hear from you! Any feedback you have on how we can improve our services would be awesome. Here is the survey link: Place your survey link here -Thank you ✨ -Power Up Gym"

We shared 7 ways to increase fitness center or gym members' loyalty with text marketing. Hope these methods contribute to your fitness club/gym marketing strategy! If you have any questions about text marketing, please leave us a comment below. 👇

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Good luck with your mass text messaging 🌈

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