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Small Business Holidays 2024

Updated: Jan 12

Small Business Holidays 2024

Hey, small businesses! We’re closing one chapter. How was 2023 for your small business? Are you happy with your annual sales? Did you reach your goals? Was your marketing effort enough? We hope your answer is YES! ♥️

So, have you made your New Year's resolutions for your small business? If your 2024 resolutions include increasing your sales, communicating better with your customers, and growing your business, would you like some help from us?

Below, you can find the small business holidays for your 2024 marketing strategy. Also, we shared the best way to take advantage of the 2024 holidays most effectively.

Let’s rock 2024! 💥

Small Business Holidays 2024

Here are small business holidays in 2024 to improve their marketing plan. You can click to read the unique marketing tips we prepared for that holiday. May 2024 be an extraordinary year for you! ♥️

Small Business Holidays 2024:

Best marketing strategy for 2024 holidays: SMS marketing

If you want to improve the marketing strategy of your small business during 2024, you should integrate SMS marketing into your marketing plan. Why? Here are 4 reasons your small business should start using holiday messaging:

1. Text marketing messages are personal

As a small business, your greatest strength is the personal communication you have with your customers. When customers come to your store, you smile and help them find what they are looking for, and you start to form an emotional connection with them. SMS marketing helps you sustain and strengthen this emotional bond.

Unlike other marketing tools like emails or social media, you send your messages directly to the customers' personal devices. Moreover, you can personalize your marketing messages by using customers’ names in your message. So, SMS marketing is the most personal way to stay connected with your customers after they leave your store.

2. Text marketing is fast

How did you deliver your offers to customers in 2023? And how effective were the marketing methods you used?

With SMS marketing, you can deliver your 2024 holiday offers to your customers in the fastest way. Here are three facts about text marketing:

● Most of the text messages are opened in 3 minutes.

● Americans check their phones 47 times a day.

● SMS open rate is 98%.

You can learn more stats at the Top 13 SMS marketing statistics.

3. It’s easy to invest in and see the results

Starting a new thing and taking risks can be scary sometimes. Especially if this new thing is about your precious small business You need to think carefully. Fortunately, you have nothing to worry about in SMS marketing. It’s so easy to invest in and to see the results and decide.

Within text marketing:

● You don’t need to learn any complicated program

● You don’t need to hire a specialist to oversee this

● You don’t need to wait for 6 months to see the results like in social media marketing

And most importantly, you don’t need to spend high amounts of money to try SMS marketing during the 2024 holidays. You can sign up for free and start with our free trial to see whether SMS marketing is the right marketing tool for your small business or not. Pony Express HQ offers you 100 bonus text message credits for signing up. ⭐️

Then, if you decide to continue (most probably you’ll decide 😏) Pony Express HQ’s business texting service offers 1 ¢ per marketing message.

4. It’s easy to turn around

We believe – no, we know – that you’ll love using SMS marketing after seeing how cost-effective it is.

But If ever you need to pause your SMS marketing campaigns, it’s very easy to do so with Pony Express HQ. Unlike other business texting services, we don’t have any monthly or yearly subscriptions. You pay as you go. Furthermore, your text message credits never expire. So you can stop your text marketing campaigns for any reason at any time and continue again when you feel ready again.

In a nutshell, SMS marketing is the ultimate marketing tool to promote your small business during the 2024 holidays. And Pony Express HQ is your one-shop partner to help you get started with very little cost and an easy learning curve. Sign up today, deliver your holiday offers instantly, engage with your customers better, and enjoy your increasing sales during the 2024 holidays.

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Happy Texting ♥️

The Pony Express HQ Team

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